How much does it cost to rent a DJ?

It can vary, it’s best to call or email with your date, times, and location.  A general guideline would be $600-800 for 4 hours holidays not included.

How far in advance do we need to book?

Most people book their DJ from 4-6 months or more in advance, however, on many occasions we book dates just a few weeks ahead of time.

When is the final payment due?

We required full payment 10 days prior to your event.

Do you charge for travel or setup?

Yes, we charge for travel for anything outside of a 50 mile radius of Cincinnati, Ohio.

How much interaction will my DJ have with my guests?

As much or as little as you want. We have a very non-cheesy style and typically we will get your guests to clap their hands or sing along to certain parts of songs, but seriously, it’s nothing more than that.  Our goal is to keep the spotlight on you and your guests and not us.

Do I have to provide the DJ a meal?

It’s not necessary.  We know that additional meal is going to be pricey.  If you offer it will be accepted, but don’t feel obligated.

What type of attire do you wear?

It’s your choice. Your DJ can wear tuxedo, a suit and tie, or something more casual if your event calls for it.

Can I “peek in” on someone else’s reception and see one of the DJs in person before I decide to hire your company?

We don’t allow this due to the privacy of our clients and their events. However, we can provide you with some testimonials and references from recent clients who were very delighted with our services.

What if our DJ gets sick or has an accident?

We always have equipment and DJs in reserve just in case of illness or something unforeseen. We realize how important we are to the success of your event and we are very careful not to take any chances.

When do you arrive for the event?

We will be there about an hour in advance. It takes about 20 minutes to set up our equipment, so in the unlikely event of any technical problems, we can solve them well before the start of your event.

If I want certain songs that aren’t on your online request list, will you get them?

We probably already have them as we obtain new music all the time, if we don’t, we will certainly get them for you.

How much will you use the microphone?

We try not to overdo it.  We feel your guests are not interested in hearing our disc jockey “ham it up” over the microphone. While we make all the announcements with our microphone, it is not uncommon to see us out among your guests encouraging requests.

Can you provide lighting effects if we need it?

Sure, and at a very little extra cost for a basic light show. If requested, we can supply different effects.

How much advertising will you do at my events?

The only advertising we will do is place a small stack of business cards on the DJ table. We will display a 2.5′ x 6′ banner behind the DJ table that has our DJ logo on it. We don’t treat your reception as an infomercial for our company.  More often than not, prospective clients approach us, not the other way around.

Once a contract is signed, can you change the event date?

We accept changes in event dates, except holidays, provided the new date is available. There is no such thing as “booking too early”. If you book a date with us, and end up changing the date, we will put the amount you have paid toward your other date, as long as we have the date open.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry more than the standard amount of liability and equipment insurance. An entertainment company that is uninsured is most likely not a full time professional.

Can the DJ stay longer?

We love a good party, for evening events; it’s never a problem but there will be an additional $50 per half hour increments. For daytime events, we suggest booking the DJ ahead of time (we may have an evening event afterwards).

Can we use credit card to pay for your services?

Yes, we currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American express. We also accept cash, money order, personal checks, or paypal.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, there is a $300 non-refundable deposit required when booking your event.

Am I required to tip my DJ?

It’s completely your decision, but occasionally we do receive tips from happy clients, usually in amount between $40-$60, but once again, it’s your call.

Will my DJ take breaks?

Never, You’ll hear continuous music throughout your event.

Will your DJ drink at our event?

No way. It is against our company policy.

If I don’t request a particular DJ, how do you determine which DJ I get?

We take several factors into consideration, with some being your personality, your musical preferences, the location of your event, and which DJs are available on your event date.

Can I meet my actual DJ prior to my event?

Yes, but it’s not required.

How much music will I be able to choose?

We have a special online request list that you can use to tell us, which songs you want to hear, any songs that MUST be played, and songs, artists, or styles of music that you DO NOT WANT to be played.

Do you take requests from guests?

Yes, but with respect to the boundaries which you set for us.

Can you play music to entertain all our guests?

That’s exactly what we do. We all have the ability to “read a crowd” and will select a mix of music that will touch upon everyone there. We’ll have music with us for every generation.

If I hire your company, can I have a friend or family member make all the announcements?

Yes, with your permission.

What do you require from my event site?

One 6ft banquet table with linens, and adequate power (120 volt 20 amp grounded outlet) within 25 ft. of DJ set up. If you do not have linens, please let us know.

Once a contract is signed, can we cancel?

We know plans can change. If you have to cancel, we’ll hold your deposit and/or full payment as a credit towards a future event excluding holidays no matter what type of event it is. The credit will expire 12 months from when the original date of the contract was signed.