Any wedding or events can bring people, families, and traditions together.
The planning is extensive and the expectations are high.
Professionalism starts with caring and understanding how important your expectations are and then committing ourselves to make sure that your expectations are handled in a mature and caring way.

Our Commitment to You:

note1  On the day of the event, we will arrive about an hour ahead of your first guests and have everything set up before your guests arrive.
note1  We will be dressed in professional attire per your request, we will be well groomed with a professional image.
note1  Our equipment is professional grade and will be set up in an orderly manner.
note1  We will implement agreed upon plans in a timely and efficient manner to support the experience of the event.
note1  For your convenience, you or your designated guests are welcome to use our wireless microphones throughout the event.
note1  We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner.  We will not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, engage in monologues or tell jokes, fraternize with guests or do anything in a sloppy manner that would negatively impact your event.
note1  We are fully insured.
note1  We use professional Pioneer audio equipment and will have a backup system at your event. In case of any failure, we can get the party going again.

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