Book for DJ Services or Karaoke Services

Here at Music To Your Ears, LLC we take pride in providing a professional DJ service at a price that is reasonable to everyone. We take great care to plan your event to ensure the details and event expectations are met but many times exceeded! Don’t think of quality entertainment as expensive. It is priceless. We do not compete on price. We compete on quality.

We pride ourselves in participating in events for all ages, which keeps us up-to-date with all the new music and dance trends and allows us to make your event better. From anniversaries, birthday parties, charity events, church functions, corporate events, graduation, holiday parties, mitzvah, picnics, private parties, prom, reunions, school dances, social club dances, and wedding receptions or other special occasions that you may have. If you don’t see your event type listed, feel free to contact us about it. Almost any event can be enhanced by hiring a DJ to not only provide music, dancing, and general ambiance, but to provide a sound system to make announcements and coordinate activities to make your event successful.

In addition to our DJ service, we offer karaoke services.  Karaoke is sure to bring lots of fun to your event.

Our event rates are based on:
note1  Exceptional Customer Service
note1  Detailed Online and/or In-Person planning
note1  Professional Sound & Lighting Equipment
note1  Extensive Music Selection
note1  Overall Entertainment Value
note1  Karaoke (additional fee or stand alone offering)
note1  Various Lighting from small lights to big lights (additional fee)
note1  Fog Machine (additional fee)
note1  Bubble Machine (additional fee)

Music Details

We are digital with over 100,000 songs in our playlist and we update weekly to keep up with your every needs and wants because it is your event!  We purchased our music from professional digital record pools and from other DJs across the world. We always target the music to the audience and we are very cautious about playing music with inappropriate themes or words in family environments. The client always has the right to ask for certain songs to not be played for whatever reason (don’t like the artist, style, etc). We will always honor those requests.
We have everything that you will need to make your next event memorable!  Please book your event today to secure your rate by contract. We service the greater Cincinnati area including Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. You will pay the rate on the contract that you sign, even if our rates goes up, you will NOT need to pay the difference. Events such as New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are subject to an additional charge. Please call/email for details.